Extension Dialing

2018-11-17 02:08

Extension Dialing

Extension dialing works so that you can internally transfer calls to numbers within your account.

They also can work if you set up Auto Attendant for when a customer calls your main number, and then know the extension number of the person they are wanting to reach. Example: “Welcome to Our Company if you know the extension of the person you wish to talk to… ”


Setting up Extension dialling

  1. Log into https://portal.herotel.uk.
  2. Select the Voice tab and you will see a list of your numbers
  3. There is a column labelled 'Exten'.  This is the extension number for each line.
  4. Set your extension numbers. Note: The required extension field length is 2-5 digits.
  5. Navigate to bottom of the page Update to update.

If you are also planning on setting up Auto Attendant think about creating cohesion your extension numbers.

You can also define and limit extension dialling to groups, such as Sales. This will allow the people that are assigned to that group to be able to define their group, if they have access to the PBX.

Setting up Groups

  1. Log into https://portal.herotel.uk.
  2. From the top menu select Voice.
  3. There are 2 types of groups.  Billing groups and Calling Groups.
  4. Adjust the group type, eg: Sales, Marketing, Administration by clicking 'Edit' at the top column so you can change the group names manually
  5. Navigate to bottom of the page Update to update.
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