How to setup a SIP trunk

2020-09-24 01:46

SIP trunks are typically used to connect a PBX to Hero such as an Asterisk or 3CX PBX to our platform.  Hero make connecting a PBX simple by allowing a different type of connection profile which we call a 'Registered SIP Trunk'.  Below are the simple steps to connecting a SIP trunk to Hero:

First Login to the Hero Customer Portal click on the Voice tab and then select the 'Profiles' option in the left side menu.  Then select the Connection Type as 'Registered SIP Trunk'. Choose the phone number you want to use as your 'pilot number'.  This is typically the 'main' number on your account and will be the number you use to register with to Hero:

Press Save 'Default' Profile and then back on your PBX setup a SIP registration to login using the phone number you selected as your pilot number and the associated password for that line and check the online status in our portal and that your PBX has successfully logged in.

Now ALL other numbers on your account will behave like DDI numbers and will be automatically routed to your SIP trunk via the pilot number registration you have setup.  You do not need to do anything else.  Any new numbers added to the account will automatically route to your PBX and the SIP URI in the SIP INVITE will be the DDI which has been dialed.  You can also present any number outbound from your PBX as Caller ID and we will automatically accept this as Caller ID from your PBX.

Using a separate profile

If for some reason you want to have both a PBX connected to your account and at the same time allow lines to register to our Cloud PBX as well then you can create a new Profile in the Profiles page by clicking on 'New Profile' at the bottom of the page.  You can create as many profiles as you want and give them all different connection types and then back in the Line Manage page on the far right of the screen beside each number you can select which profile to use for each of your numbers.

If you have any questions about SIP trunking or connecting a PBX to our platforms then let our support team know.

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