Gigaset Cordless IP Phones - Manual Configuration

2019-04-09 06:39

Gigaset Cordless IP Phones - Manual Configuration

This KB is limited to the Gigaset family of cordless (DECT) handsets.

Configuring the phone via the Web configurator

We recommend using the base stations web user interface to configure each handset.

  • Establish the telephone’s current IP address on the handset
  • Control button on right side of handset
  • Settings (spanner icon)
  • Registration
1 control
2. settings
3. registrations
  • Enter http:// and the telephone’s current IP address (for example: into the address field of the Web browser.
  • Press the return key.
  • A connection is established to the phone’s Web configurator.

On the Web UI follow the steps below

  • Login default password: 0000
  • Select: Settings |Telephony | Connections
  • Select Edit the required extension
  • Personal Provider Data
    • Authentication Name:  <your phone number> (e.g. 442034567890)
    • Authentication Password: <your password>
    • User name:  <your phone number>  (e.g. 442034567890)
  • General Provider Data
    • Domain:
    • Proxy server Port: 5060
    • Register server:
    • Refresh Registration: 180 seconds
    • Save settings: SET
4. Gigagset settings
5. Gigaser connections

NB – the Gigaset are typically slow to acknowledge the handsets registration and can take 30 seconds to change status to Registered.

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