Huawei HG659 Router VOIP Port Provisioning

2019-06-11 07:28

The Huawei HG659 Router has a built-in VOIP port which can be configured to work with Hero.  The following guide explains how to configure a Hero phone number on Phone Port on the router.

1. Configure your VOIP settings in the telephony tab

  • Select 'Telephony' from the tabs at the top of the page and click on the VoIP page
  • Set Provider name to 'Hero'
  • Set Primary registrar to '' and port to 5060
  • Set Primary proxy to '' and port to 5060
  • Set SIP Domain to ''
  • Set Local Port to 5060
  • Tick the 'use outbound' check box
  • Set Outbound server to '' and Port to 5060
  • Save Settings

2. Create a new VOIP provider

  • Set SIP number to your Hero phone number (e.g. 442034567891)
  • Set Username to your Hero phone number (e.g. 442034567891)
  • Set Password to your Hero password
  • Ensure that the 'Enabled' check box is ticked

3. Set up your codec preferences (if required)

  • We recommend setting your Codec 1 setting to G.711ALaw unless you wish to save bandwidth in which case you can select G.729 as your preferred codec.
  • Set DTMF Mode to RFC2833
  • Set the Fax codecs to T38 as Codec 1 if you are plugging in a Fax machine

4. Enable service 'Voice' under the Internet Settings

This final step is important as your phone will not work unless you tick the Voice check box under your Internet settings.

  • Click on the Internet tab and scroll down to your Active Internet connection type
  • Next to the 'Service Type' ensure that you have ticked the Voice check box
  • Below is a screenshot of an example Internet connection using PPP although your connection details may differ. 

If you are having any further issues getting your Huawei HG659 Router configure to work with Hero then contact our Support team and we will do our best to assist you.

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