Hero Connect Desktop Application for Microsoft Windows

2020-03-28 00:13

 Similar to our popular mobile app, Hero connect softphone is also available on Microsoft Windows. It is a great option for anyone who needs to stay connected to the office from wherever they go. Our Hero softphone family is free to use and have been pre-configured with all the pieces needed to start making calls. All you need to do is enter your number and password. 

Older Versions of Windows

If you are running a recent version of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 10 then you should be good to go, otherwise if you are running an older version of Windows such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 then you may need to first download the Visual C++ update from Microsoft.  Please click the link below to download and install this update before proceeding with the installation of the Hero Softphone.


Install Hero Connect softphone.  

  • You may then see another warning about the app being from an unknown publisher.  Again, click on 'Yes' to install the application

  • If your firewall application such as Windows Defender asks for permission to communicate on your PC and network then please 'Allow' this.

How to use the Application

- Enter your phone number and password once the application starts up.  Do NOT use your account number or email address to login.

- You need to use a phone or extension number (e.g. 442034567890) as your Extension number.

- The password will be the same as that you entered when you signed up unless you changed this against the phone number you are logging in with.

- To Make/Receive calls, Use the dial pad like your normal phone.  

- Add people to your audio conference.
- Enable/Disable recording of your call. (Recordings from application will save on your local device)

- Change Audio/Video settings as per your requirements.


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