How do I get an answer to a support query with Hero?

2018-11-17 02:33

Step 1:  Search our Knowledge Base/FAQ Site

 Before you log a ticket or call us we advise you search our FAQ site at to see if you can find an answer to your question first in our knowledge base.  Click on the 'Search...' field and type some keywords (e.g. Asterisk, Porting etc.) and see what results (if any) are returned and review these pages

Step 2: Log a ticket with our support team

If you were unable to find an answer to your question in our FAQ pages then you can log a support ticket with our team.  To do this login to with your account number and password and then click on the 'Tickets' tab along the top menu.  This should bring up the ticketing system.  Fill in the form, selecting the To: queue and information that will help us resolve your problem.

If you are logging a ticket relating to a phone call please send us details relating to that call as way of an example including the calling number, called number, date and time and what (if any) error messages or responses were heard or seen on your phone screen.

If you are logging a ticket relating to being unable to login or setup your phone to connect to Hero then please send us full details of your phone device make/model and firmware version along with screenshots of your configuration screens.  Also tell us the make and model of any routers or firewalls connecting your phone to the Internet.

The more information you can supply in the initial ticket you log with us - the faster we can resolve your problem!

Step 3: Contact our support team by email or phone

If you have not received a timely response to your support ticket (usually we respond within 1 business day) - or your query is of a critical or urgent nature then you can contact us directly in one of the following ways:

Fill out our web contact form at:


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