FRITZ!Box 7490 Provisioning

2020-01-23 23:07

NOTE: We have been informed that some Fritz! products have issues with the Google Chrome browser so if you experience issues with the interface and updating settings for your Fritz!Box device then try another web browser such as Firefox.

The FRITZ!Box Routers have a built-in VOIP port which can be configured to work with Hero.  The following guide explains how to configure a Hero phone number on Phone Port 1 on the router.

Step 1 - Connecting to your FRITZ!Box router

First ensure you are connected to the network/Wifi that the Fritz!Box is providing.  By default the IP address of your router should be  Try clicking on the link and see if you can see a Fritz!Box login screen.  If you can then you can move to Step 2 below.

If you cannot connect to the Fritz!Box on the address in your browser then you will need to find the IP address of your Fritz!Box.  When you are connected to the Fritz!Box via Ethernet or Wifi connection you need to find the IP address of the Fritz!Box to login to it.  On Windows PC's this means bringing up a 'command line' window by pressing on the Search icon and typing 'cmd'

When the black command window appears type the command 'ipconfig' and it should display your IP address details for your connect.  You will see a line 'Default Gateway' which will display the IP address for the gateway/router.  Type this IP address into your web browser. This is typically something like   (NOTE: On a Mac you should search for 'terminal' to bring up a command line window and then type 'netstat -rn' and look for the IP address listed next to the line listed as 'default')

Step 2 - Login to the Fritz!Box router

If you see the Fritz!Box login screen then you can login to the router.  It is recommended that you set a password for your router for security reasons or if you do not wish to set a password at this time then untick the Set password button and click on OK. Some recent router models also require one of the buttons on top of the router to be pressed, so do this if prompted to by the on screen message.

If the router already has a password, but you don't know what it is, then you may need to follow the reset instructions per the documentation at Fritz!Box 7490 User Manual , but be aware you will need to re-enter all settings, including for the broadband connection, so make sure you have the relevant details available.

Step 3 - Select Telephone Numbers in the Menu

Once logged in you can click on the Telephony Menu and then select the 'Telephone Numbers' sub-menu option.  On this page you can now setup your Hero Telephone Number.  If you see a Telephone number already listed then you should delete this if you are not using it.  You should see 'No telephone numbers are configured' if the router is newly setup.

Step 4 - Configure your Hero phone number

Click on the 'New Telephone number' button and then select 'IP-based Line' in the next 'Outgoing Caller ID screen'.  Then press 'Next'.

The next screen should ask for your telephony details. These should be entered as follows:

  • Telephony Provider = Other Provider
  • Telephone Number for Registration = <your phone number> (e.g. 442034567891)
  • Internal Telephone number in  the Fritz!Box = <your phone number> (e.g. 442034567891)
  • Account Information:
    • User Name = <your phone number> (e.g. 442034567891)
    • Password = <your hero password>
    • Registrar =
    • Proxy Server =
  • DTMF transmission = Automatically
  • Use telephone number for registration = Ticked (yes)
  • Always register via an internet connection = Ticked (yes)
  • Connect Internet telephony provider via = only via IPv4
  • Insert area code for outgoing calls = Unticked (no)
  • Area Code = <empty> (Leave blank)

Then click on Next and the next screen should show a summary of your settings.  Click Next again and the Fritz!Box should attempt to test your connection.  If everything was entered correctly then it should succeed and take you back to the Telephone Numbers screen where you should see a green status light next to your Phone number

Step 5 - Test your phone number

 Finally ensure that you have plugged in your analogue handset into Phone port 1 on the Fritz!Box router.  If you have an old Telecom BT Plug that was plugged into the wall then you will likely need to use an adapter to convert that to an RJ11 plug of the Fritz!Box (these are typically supplied).  Please note that the internal wiring in your house will no longer work for your phones and if you need additional handsets around the house you may want to purchase additional handsets and have a wireless DECT base station plugged into the Fritz!Box.

You should hear a dial tone when picking up your Analogue handset and you should dial some numbers to ensure the phone is working.  Try a local number and a mobile number.  Then try an inbound call to ensure inbound calls are working as well.  Please ensure however that your porting has completed first before testing inbound calls.  You will receive an email from Hero when your porting has completed.

Dialing Hero feature short codes

FRITZ!Box routers use numbers starting with * for some internal features. So to dial Hero Short Codes, the code needs to be prefixed with *# . For example, to access Hero voicemail,  dial *#*55 .

If you have any further issues with getting setup then contact our support team.

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